Pinks & Redheads



Ya'll, I don't have time for waiting in doctor's offices. I understand that when people get older, their medical visits are the topic of conversation with family and friends. It is simply hard for me to imagine that I will be this person. Yet, I have found myself in the offices of medical helpers. I admire what they do and how they offer help. I'm just not interested in learning patience this way.

I have never had the vision I desire, so I have seen eye doctors and had my eyes dilated for a long time. The process takes an entire day from my journey. Surely, there are dilating drops that don't last so long. Whatever, I'm thankful for my health, and that I can see.

It is the small things. I am so pumped that the dilation has worn off, and I can read, take photos, and type. I just want to stay up all night praising God.