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Simple Bell


When something catches your eye at an estate sale, and there is no back story, you simply ask AI to create one for you...
In the attic of an old house, tucked away in a dusty box of forgotten treasures, there lay a simple plastic tiny blue bell ornament. It was nothing remarkable to look at, just a small, deep blue trinket among a sea of forgotten things.

For years, the ornament had sat in darkness. It longed for the days when it adorned a Christmas tree, surrounded by twinkling lights and laughter. But now, it felt as though its purpose had been lost, resigned to an eternity of solitude under the glass of a framed box.

One day, however, a curious young girl named Petra stumbled upon the box while exploring the attic with her grandmother. As she rummaged through the forgotten relics of years past, her eyes fell upon the tiny blue bell ornament.

With a smile, Petra picked it up, marveling at its simplicity. Despite its small size, it had a certain charm that captured her imagination.

"Grandma, look what I found!" Petra exclaimed, holding up the framed ornament for her grandmother to see.

Her grandmother smiled warmly, her eyes twinkling with nostalgia. "Ah, that old thing," she chuckled. "That used to be my favorite ornament when I was your age, passed down from your grandmother to me."

Petra's eyes widened with wonder. "Really? But it's so simple."

Her grandmother nodded. "Yes, but sometimes, simplicity is the most beautiful thing."

Inspired by her grandmother's words, Petra decided to give the tiny blue bell ornament a special place on their mantel this year. With care, she sat it amongst the stockings, its blue contrasting against the vibrant greens and reds of the season.

As Christmas drew near, the old house seemed to come alive with the Christmas spirit. Petra and her family decorated the tree together, singing carols and sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace.

On Christmas morning, as Petra excitedly unwrapped her presents, she couldn't help but feel grateful for the simple plastic tiny blue bell ornament that had brought so much joy into their home.

The tiny blue bell ornament no longer felt forgotten or insignificant. It had found a new purpose, reminding Petra and her family that sometimes, the most precious things in life are the simple joys we so often overlook.






Today I found this PHS Class of 1967, 2007 Reunion photo. How fun that my brother, John Hugh, and his wife, Debby, are in the photo. My brother passed away in 2014 and his wife in 2022.


2nd row from the floor, 5th and 6th from the right...

Class of 1967 2007



To witness change is to witness God as he reveals his miraculous work for us to see. John 16:33 is one of my favorite scriptures, "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.”

In our darkest moments, the Light of the World will always guide us out of our suffering. He is our salvation and our hope.

I love routine, too. I like my schedule; well, to be scheduled! I have grown in wisdom to appreciate the changes of God.

Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. Every day with Jesus I love him more and more. Jesus saves and keeps me, and he's the one I'm living for. Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before! This I know and trust.

Today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to visit Frances Sams. A few months ago, she told me that I needed to stop by. I was very apprehensive of one-to-one conversation since this is not what I do well. In the change of my day, God worked. It was evident that our conversation was Holy. I was encouraged by the Spirit of God found in his servant. I enjoyed hearing about this woman who has touched so many lives. I want to hear more about the life of Frances Sams so...back I'll go. A small change in my day led to blessings for which I did not pay. This is the Jesus way!




Four Years


Today, May 26, 2024, is four years since TC Wall took his last earthly breath and woke up in Sweet Beulah Land. The term Beulah land is defined by Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress as “the peaceful land in which the pilgrim awaits the call to the Celestial City.”  He once shared that Sweet Beulah Land was his favorite song, and he enjoyed the Gaither's version. 

I love this photo of him with his boys, Clinton & Bert. 




Isaiah 62:4

No longer will they call you Deserted,
    or name your land Desolate.
But you will be called Hephzibah,
    and your land Beulah;
for the Lord will take delight in you,
    and your land will be married.


God Whisper


God whispers, and when we listen, we are blessed. Like today, I was in 725 Vintage Antique Mall making a purchase. My sweet friend Jill says I must see what Elise A. is making. Jill was so excited. She shared two hand-sewn scrap journals made from books and beautiful pieces of things. One was made from a children's book, and one was made from a Reader's Digest Condensed Version book.

I looked through them, and wow, just wow, there was so much work that goes into them.

As I flipped through the Reader's Digest, one page fell open to reveal an old check stuck in a vellum envelope. I pulled the check out and knew I was going to buy that book. The check was signed by Mrs. J. W. Walker, the first non-judge leader of the Hale County Historical Commission (which I am a part of).

As I was checking out, I placed the book on the counter and noticed the dragonfly charm. Okay, now this is getting good! God sent a swarm of beautiful blue dragonflies to my mother's burial at the cemetery to remind me of his presence.

I made my purchase and headed to the Broadway Brew to meet Susan for lunch. I was showing her the book and the check. I pulled it out to show her the signature, and ya'll, you won't believe this. Mrs. Walker's check was made out to the Dixie Shop, where my mother worked for over 50 years! Mrs. J.W. Walker was HER customer!

I was very aware of God's encouragement in this process today. I'm thankful that he used Elise to make the book, Jill to share it with me, Mrs. J.W. Walker for her vision to lead Hale County's historic preservation, my mother, who raised me well, and, of course, God, who orchestrates my life with joy, strength, and hope!

What a sweet God whisper!!!














I Can't


Every day.

You wake me up.

I praise you.

I ask you to carry me through the day.

Let me see the good in people that others don't.

Use me for your promise.

Fill me up.

Keep me going. 

And still ...

I can't even walk without you holding my hand.

You created me with my unique wiring.

I am your purpose.

Thank you, God.



(I do not own the rights to the lyrics or music)




When you own a business, it is fun to have the young ones help! It's fill the cabinets with snacks day. One is putting drinks away, one is putting snacks away, and the wee little one is placing the tiny oranges in the tote.






Every day is a new path of discovery. We get to choose how the senses gifted to us by God the Creator are used. Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are key elements that feed into our well-being. Choosing wisely is key to the peace we seek.

We must consider the spirituality of our senses. God gave them to us to enjoy his creation: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Think about how we might abuse the senses. Now, think about the beauty we can share through them for others to enjoy.

John 15:5, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

The key is to remain IN him and him IN us. We must move to where we can grow and be nurtured IN His Word. We may have roots without sunshine or sunshine without Living water. What we need is to strive for all of God's attributes to fill us each day as He creates our life tapestry.

A sweet friend of mine took this photo looking out of her kitchen window.


Susan's Window


I see the attributes of God wrapped up in the promise found in the rainbow. As we plan our daily discovery, what if we were seriously determined to share what God has already "bottled" for us to heal the world?


“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7




Happy Anniversary, "49," and God is still with us!

I sat in my dad's rocking chair and asked God to bring me the man he had chosen. I had specifics. He must be a Christian, a follower of Christ; he must be wired with kindness and compassion because the journey with my unique wiring would take a God-designed Spirit. And to be specific, he needed to be an athlete, maybe a baseball player.

The Wall family had moved to Plainview and attended First Baptist Plainview as our family did. Clinton and I were in the youth department in the old Methodist church building at the corner where the Family Life Center sits today. I don't think he knew who I was, nor did I pay attention to the guys. But, in our senior year of high school, God brought us together. We started dating in 1973 (God told Clinton that he was called to take care of me), were married in 1975, have two beautiful children and five God gifts that call us Ushka & Grandpa (or g-pa as Stone says it at two years old). 


We are blessed!

Clinton and Phyllis 1973e