Four Years

God Whisper


God whispers, and when we listen, we are blessed. Like today, I was in 725 Vintage Antique Mall making a purchase. My sweet friend Jill says I must see what Elise A. is making. Jill was so excited. She shared two hand-sewn scrap journals made from books and beautiful pieces of things. One was made from a children's book, and one was made from a Reader's Digest Condensed Version book.

I looked through them, and wow, just wow, there was so much work that goes into them.

As I flipped through the Reader's Digest, one page fell open to reveal an old check stuck in a vellum envelope. I pulled the check out and knew I was going to buy that book. The check was signed by Mrs. J. W. Walker, the first non-judge leader of the Hale County Historical Commission (which I am a part of).

As I was checking out, I placed the book on the counter and noticed the dragonfly charm. Okay, now this is getting good! God sent a swarm of beautiful blue dragonflies to my mother's burial at the cemetery to remind me of his presence.

I made my purchase and headed to the Broadway Brew to meet Susan for lunch. I was showing her the book and the check. I pulled it out to show her the signature, and ya'll, you won't believe this. Mrs. Walker's check was made out to the Dixie Shop, where my mother worked for over 50 years! Mrs. J.W. Walker was HER customer!

I was very aware of God's encouragement in this process today. I'm thankful that he used Elise to make the book, Jill to share it with me, Mrs. J.W. Walker for her vision to lead Hale County's historic preservation, my mother, who raised me well, and, of course, God, who orchestrates my life with joy, strength, and hope!

What a sweet God whisper!!!