May 3



Fishing and hunting were big things in my grandfather's life. I did not have his love or enjoyment gene for either. I did go on many fishing trips, but thank goodness hunting was not in our vacation plans!

This could be me, but I have never caught that many fish! This is a photo of my mom.




Here is her father, my grandfather, Hugh (Bo). It looks like they had a good day; the fish were biting.



"Bo," as we called my grandfather, built boats. 



Here is a photo of a group taking a ride...(Before required life vests!) No one was harmed in this boating trip.



My grandfather liked speed. He liked boats, planes, and automobiles. He liked alcohol, too. Thankful he overcame and lived to grow me in so many ways!!! God knew what I needed and placed me right smack dab in the middle of the people to lead me. He never once talked about God or taught me about Jesus. He taught me the Way of the Lord in his actions. That was his ministry in my life.