Sweet Visitor

The Good Old Days


We hear it so often, 'Take us back to the good old days.' In the 'good old days,' we learned from our mistakes to make us better people—at least, I hope we did. Every generation has its 'good old days.' The good old days exist today, even with changes. The good old days are simply days in our lives that we remember fondly. There is nothing special about any particular generation. There is bad, and there is good in every season. I certainly do not want to relive history. I want to learn from it and create a better tomorrow. What we do with our short time here creates those idyllic moments. Are our choices good? Do we bring joy? Do we stand for something? Do we enjoy friendships, starting with Jesus? Are we his hands and feet? Do we see those he places in our day with Holy clarity? These are the days to remember!

Lots of pieces create a beautiful thing...