Sunflower Power

The Best


Plainview has the very best shopping for a town our size. I recently saw this comment on a post and decided that some must be living under rocks and have not shopped in Plainview or visited Downtown Plainview in a while, if ever.


"What about the BLEEP jobs Plainview don't have!!!! Only companies Walmart DC. Azteca the rest Only hire like 5 to maybe 10 people. Downtown is a  BLEEP joke nothing but second hand nasty shops."


"When we have gratitude, we simply cannot be negative." This is a quote we need to live by. We have a choice where we live, and if we are not happy where we are, we have two options...

  1. Get happy where we are, and make changes!
  2. Move to where we will be happy.


On the topic of great shopping, Downtown Plainview is filling up nicely. We still need those restaurants, though...the mom-and-pop kind. Keep spreading the word!!!

One of our newer shops is the Kenneth Wyatt Gallery, located at the corner of 7th and Broadway. They have their new signage. Outstanding!!!



Art is so healing, and I find much joy in collecting different artist's work. Look at this painted bronze piece...