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Master Electrician


I deliver Meals on Wheels each Wednesday. To say I enjoy my route is an understatement. I look forward to God blessing me each Wednesday from the people on the route.

Last week, one man and I were talking, and he was a master electrician in the mid-eighties. He knew my grandfather, Hugh Etter, who was a master electrician, as well. This man said that Hugh Etter was known to be the master electrician with the most licensed years in Plainview. This got me thinking... did we have his license for the year he started? I did not find it in the attic totes.

What I did find were his licensing year cards from 1958-1988. What we know for sure is that he finished wiring the rebuilt Harvest Queen Mill in 1928. We know he worked for Burt's Electric, located on Austin Street, before the 1928 date. We also know that he first opened a shop on Broadway Street, then later relocated to a newer location that sat just west of the old city hall behind the City Auditorium on 9th Street. So, the best I can figure is that he most likely had his master electrician license for nearly seventy years.

Many early homes & businesses that he wired, he dated and signed on an attic rafter. We have a couple of these pieces that folks have found and given us.

While I was searching in the family totes, I found this poem that Bo (Hugh) and Cranny's (Lucy) friend, Fern (his domino partner), wrote after my grandfather "Bo" died...





I also brought in this beautiful bookmark that was his mother's, which is in my Bible now.