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Makes Me Smile




I absolutely love this photo of my friend Alfred Henderson. He entered his heavenly home during the COVID-19 epidemic.

He was a teacher at Plainview High School when Clinton & I were in school. Clinton had him as a teacher when he first moved to Plainview, but I did not. I knew Rubye and their daughter, Aldria, better than I knew Alfred through the years, but after Rubye and Aldria passed away, we had a special bond. 

He always made me smile. I loved his joy. He did not have an easy road, but he made the choice to be happy in Jesus. He was a mentor to me.

I'll cherish our last phone conversation, even though it was one-sided. I know he heard my words.

Look for those who choose happiness because of Jesus, and surround yourself with these people!!!

Thank you, God, for Alfred.