The Best



The Hibiscus is a beautiful flower created by the Master Artist. There are over 200 varieties of this amazing flower. Some are native (perennial), and some are annuals in our climate but grow year-round in other places.

This bloom is native and flowers every year...




While this bloom is seasonal ...



God has a plan. He created each bloom with a season and the perfect blend of beauty and purpose. Each bloom requires specific things to mature into a beautiful bloom.

I think humans are like this. We are created by the God of Love. He designed each one of us in a way that there is a purpose for us in his plan. We are here for a short time according to his time. We are all native to his love. With Sonshine and Living Water, we can be used repeatedly to show his beauty to the world. 

When the climate is right, we will bloom all year long, big, beautiful blooms. We are unique. We are all in God's human spectrum of diversity, uniqueness, and beautiful in his sight. Amen