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Reflection by [up]


He went out and sat by the sea

He thought about you, and he thought about me

His reflection shown on the surface clear

A reminder of his purpose here

A blue dragonfly lands and a ripple flows

Oh, Father, let your people know

The cross I bear, the blood that's shed

In your name, let all be led

To see, to hear

Amazing grace draw near

Holy Spirit, understanding give

Doing for others is Truth to freely live




Plainview Poetry




In the heart of Texas, where the sun does blaze, Lies a town that's known for its golden days. Plainview, dear Plainview, a place so grand, Where history weaves with an artist's hand.

Upon the vast plains, where the wind dances free, The spirit of resilience, it truly can see. With a sky stretching wide, like a canvas above, Plainview embraces both past and love.

In days of old, where cattle roamed the land, Ranchers and cowboys, a determined band. They built a foundation, strong and true, Where dreams took flight, and ambitions grew.

Fields of cotton, waving like a sea, Whisper tales of toil and prosperity. Farmers with calloused hands, hearts full of pride, Working the soil, where dreams coincide.

Oh, Plainview, your people's spirit shines bright; through trials and triumphs, they've shown their might. From the Dust Bowl's wrath to the oil boom's delight, They've faced every challenge, with courage alight.

Main Street beckons, with its charming embrace, Where shops and cafes bring life to this place. Friendly faces greet you, a warm southern grace, In Plainview, a smile you'll always trace.

Education thrives, in the halls of learning, Where minds ignite, curiosity burning. Bulldogs unite, with a fervent devotion, Preparing for futures, a boundless ocean.

And as the sun sets, painting the sky in gold, Plainview's beauty, a story yet untold. A tapestry woven with love and care, A town so humble, yet beyond compare.

So here's to Plainview, oh radiant town, Where hope and perseverance know no bounds. In your fields and streets, a legacy untamed, Plainview, forever, your name shall be famed.




If your toothbrush is dry, did you brush your teeth? Are you telling the truth? How many times did we ask our kids if they brushed their teeth as they were growing? As parents, we are to help guide our children in what is good for them. The Holy Spirit is our guide, a part of the plan of God to help guide us in ways that are good for us as followers of Christ.

We all are guilty of not telling the truth, but a question from worship this morning at First Baptist Plainview that hit home for me is, "What is the greatest truth you ever told?"

And whatever this truth is for us, do we expect people to believe it just because we said it? Should people take our word without searching and seeing our hearts or feeling our kindness??

This is why we so need the Holy Spirit as our guide. Goodness will be reflected from the Light as we go.

John 16:12-13, “I still have many things to tell you, but you can’t bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth. For he will not speak on his own, but he will speak whatever he hears. He will also declare to you what is to come."



#1 Don't get ahead of the Holy Spirit. Let the Spirit be the guide.

#2 What kind of guide are we looking for?

#3 Do not speak on our own, but the Word of Truth




This week I was out and about delivering Meals on Wheels (one of my favorite volunteer opportunities). It was a day that the temp would go over a hundred. It was getting hot but early enough not to be sweltering. There was no breeze, no humidity; it was just a beautiful sunshiny day. I was reminded of just how blessed we are to live in a time when we have air conditioning in cars, businesses, and homes. And I thought, and there are those who don't have air conditioning, but there are shade trees and water sprinklers to play in, and I thought again about how blessed we are.

No matter what we have or don't have, we must surely find our, family, and far too much more than we deserve.




Ephesians 1:3, Blessed is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens in Christ.


Day for Fathers


Happy Father's Day to our dads. They are simply the very best dads ever!!! They deserve special love every day but especially on this day for fathers!


This is a photo of the guys of the family...



And, our GRAND crew on the quilt that my dad, John Phillip Dayton made with his mom.




The generations ... of concrete.




My daddy aka Pawpaw, John Dayton.




Clinton's father, TC ... his smile for me is cherished forever.

TC 2017





Bo, Hugh Robert Etter, half of the maternal grandparent duo, was the bestest grandfather. I learned so much from him...


012Hugh Robert Etter 1980e


They are represented on the City of Plainview's Centennial Circle of Honor at Regional Running Water Draw Park. Here is their bio...


Hugh R. and Lucy May Etter

Hugh and Lucy Etter, true humanitarians and longtime Plainview residents, worked quietly
behind the scenes to help people in need, even taking some into their home. They reached out to
unfortunates ranging from struggling young couples and families lacking shelter to alcohol
abusers seeking a way to overcome addiction. The Etters helped found the local Alcoholics
Anonymous and Al-Anon and supported those programs for many years. One of the countless
men they helped wrote, "No one has helped so many, never refusing to answer a call of help,
regardless of the hour of the day or night and never complaining of the verbal and sometimes
physical abuse you take while helping those sick of drink."

Hugh Etter was born in 1907 in Phoenix, Arizona and moved with his father and brother to
Mason County, Texas in 1918, then to Plainview in 1921. Young Hugh worked as a cowboy in
Castro County but returned to Plainview in 1925 and took employment with the John Burt
Electric Company. His first job was wiring the Harvest Queen Mill. Later, he wired the
Harvester Building on Fourth and Broadway and many other buildings in town. Hugh also
helped a friend do carpentry on the weekends.

Lucy May Hopkins was born in 1910 in Denton County, Texas. Her grandparents had been
among the earliest settlers in Hale County. In 1918 the family moved back to Plainview, which
they considered their home.

Lucy married Hugh Etter in 1928. The couple had two daughters and also raised the two children
of Hugh's brother. They were members of the First Methodist Church.

In 1939 the Etters bought a local commercial refrigeration business and operated it as Hugh R.
Etter Electric. In 1948 Hugh had a hunting accident in New Mexico, almost froze to death, and
lost both legs and some of his fingers. The Etters had to sell the business, and Lucy worked for
Sears. After he recovered, Hugh built a shop next to their home and ran an electrical business
from it. Later, both worked for the Welfare Department, and Hugh was the predatory animal
control officer in Hale County for the federal government for many years.

Hugh Etter died in 1991 and Lucy Etter in 1996.

2008 Centennial Circle of Honor, Plainview Texas




Janis Cross, Lorena Dayton (one of Lucy May & Hugh Robert's daughters), and Phyllis Wall ...


Happy Father's Day, Bo!