When I was growing up in Plainview, we lived by Thomas Blvd. Park. When it would rain a lot, the Draw (Running Water) would fill up and the water would cover that park all the way to the curb of our home on Irene Street. After the rain stopped, we would play in the rain water. I always had a fear of the big rectangular drains that had no protection and looked dark and scary. I just stayed far away from them. 

It wasn't long until the water receded and soaked into the streams below the surface. Then, we walked the gutters kicking water. We would go home at dark, soaking wet, but with great memories.

We got out and check the water level at the business this evening. The run-off areas behind the PISD admin building are full, as is the Trussell Park bird sanctuary. The turtles will be happy!




We call out to him and he hears us. God is blessing us in many ways. The rain gives us hope!