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Last week, I was visiting with a sweet friend, a downtown Plainview business owner. We are a lot alike, yet a little different, too. She and her husband were sharing about learning to understand different personalities to understand your customers. I asked for the short survey to discover more about my personality and the book title so that I might try and understand others' personalities since this is what I'm missing with my Asperger's wiring. With my Aspergers and not sensing social norms, I have lived a life of truly not understanding differences. However, I'm seeking to better understand people for ministry opportunities, and I am already learning. 

I know who I am, and my faults, but seeing them on paper and attached to my personality left me very sad. I do not like the weaknesses that come with my strengths, but God can adjust my heart, as he always has! I got the book and have started reading, and when I look at the strengths, it is spot on me. I even had Clinton fill out the survey with how he sees who I am because, with my masking, I am never really sure who I am. We had the same results, except his result was even more Perfect Melancholy for me than I had. You can look up the weaknesses if you are interested. As I said, I know my weaknesses, and they are not what God wants me to focus on for myself and others.

Here is a list from the book, Personality Plus by Florence Littauer of Perfect Melancholy strengths. I am very strongly this personality.




I look forward to studying each personality to see if I recognize the strengths of each one of the four in others. Also, seeing people in a more faceted way will help me understand better. After all, everyone is precious in HIS sight!