Beautiful Things



I'm thankful that I understand how laughter fills & heals the soul. I do the dumbest things that keep me laughing at myself. I enjoy laughing. My husband can make me laugh; one of my favorite things about him. I'm a pretty serious and straightforward person, and I work to keep smiling people around me.

I have a friend, Cathy Nelson Garner, who happens to be an amazing artist. We have several of her pieces in our gallery. Today I picked up this amazing portrait. Doesn't it just make you smile? She does me! It is so me!!!

























The embroidery piece was handstitched by my mother, Lorena Dayton, and it brings me joy. The fur rose was a gift from Nan Ballinger; our kids called her Meema. She and my mother worked together. The little felted redhead was bought on a little trip to Tulia, Texas, many, many years ago. All of this grouping makes me smile!