Patriotic & Thankful

What a Game


Sir Clinton talked me into attending the Floydada and Olton games over in Floydada on Tuesday evening. We went early to be sure we could get tickets and hopefully a seat. Well, we got in, but the seats on both sides were already mostly full by the first quarter of the girls' game. Sweet Mary Coleman (Jay Brandon fame) offered us her seat, and another woman and daughter got up, too. It blessed our souls for someone to do this for us. The games were both great and hard-fought. Either team could have won. Floydada came out on top, but Olton played great, too.

I made it through to the end. Too many people for me, but I did visit with Alecia Johson and Tillie Beccera and recognized several other fans from Floydada and Olton. This was fun!

Can you tell that I don't get out often? I'm happy though :)