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It is a dangerous slope when you feel like lives would be better without you, and then your brain begins to wrap its mind around this thought until it convinces you that it is true, but it isn't. It isn't true at all. I don't find the thoughts selfish; I find them solutional for the one who carries the weight of the line being fed them, often created through the accumulation of mental trauma.

I believe more people know these thoughts, created through depression, than we understand or know. It has always been a taboo subject until recent years. It still carries a sense of shame with it, and it saddens me that an illness of the brain is looked down upon by society.

I am not a professional, have no medical training, and don't pretend to prescribe. What I want to share is that we need to see others in a way that allows them a piece of hope and light to grasp hold of, that will enable them to hang in there.

Many have depression and never think to harm themselves, and can function for periods outside of the fog. Many self-medicate to make it through each day. Others are on a constant life-altering roller coaster and believe they want find balance and healing. Unfortunately, it often comes when they bottom out from mental exhaustion. We pray they have a life-saver to hang on to when they find themselves in this dark place.

We lose too many beautiful souls to this illness of the mind.

We need to do more, understand mental illness better, and be equipped with the tools to break the spiraling thoughts. Reach out to a mental health professional as needed. Protect your sanity through the planning of your days. Do you have suggestions that will help us see more clearly?

Help is available; 988 is the three-number Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, open 24 hours in English and Spanish.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly" John 10:10

Staying in the Word brings peace. God only wants good for us. We believe this. It doesn't mean overcoming this illness will be easy, but it IS doable. Finding ways to cope, survive, and even encourage others in ministry are available as change is created.