FunTimes Indeed
I'll Tell You



Today as I was power spraying a ton of grackle poo off our porch, sidewalk and driveway, I was asking God what purpose the grackle serves. It is right up there with a mosquito on my list of disliked things.

So, there must be something good about them, right? Grackles, a native species in Texas, eat insects, for one. And that includes those you might not like crawling on you, such as wasps and spiders, and ones that damage crops, including moths, grasshoppers, and beetles.

Well, the thousands of Grackles in our neighborhood trees are not doing a good job of eating the mosquitoes, and their poo is horrible. So I am still not convinced of their goodness.

What God did share with me while I was cleaning the mess (2-hours worth of spraying) is that the Monarch butterflies are here. They were flitting around me in the water mist. God blessed me even though I was not happy and frustrated with these birds of horror!

Then, for the sixth time in a week, I saw a blue dragonfly...a God whisper reminding me that everything is going to be okay, "just keep following my lead." At my mother's graveside service, there were hundreds of blue dragonflies, a beautiful reminder of God's beauty in creation and, for me, a reminder from my mom that it's gonna be okay, whatever I am facing...just keep trusting God!

When I was all finished cleaning and scooping up buckets full of Grackle poo, God let me enjoy the Hummingbird at the feeder!!! No photo, it is too fast to run and grab my camera, so I simply enjoy the time it is there.




My lesson, in the "poo" of life; when we are frustrated and wondering, we must remain in Him, and he will continually bless us!!!