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A Pretty Mess

The Fractured Mug


We have all heard the story about the Japanese vase that was broken and how the Emporer requested his artisans to repair it. They returned it fixed with gold epoxy adhering and sealing the broken pieces together. This method of repair became known as kintsugi. Kintsugi, which sorta-kinda translates to golden repair, is the Japanese philosophy that the value of an object is not in its beauty but in its imperfections. These imperfections are something to celebrate, not hide.

Today at lunch, I was gifted this fractured mug.


This mug is fractured, but it is not broken. Its imperfections can't be filled with golden epoxy to create a beautiful art piece because it isn't broken into pieces. Its fractures are hidden, and unless you look closely, you might miss them. It still has value, though. Objects have value because we give them value. If something or someone is important it is because we decide they are. To one, there is no value; to another, there is great worth.

I have discovered that there is an underlying fracture of the human race where we can't acknowledge the worthiness of others who may or may not be like us or think like us; we choose not to give them value.

As followers of Christ, we need to be the light that creates the change. For change to happen, all it takes is one voice. One person to fill the fracture before it breaks into a million pieces. Seek out the unseen, unheard, and broken people that God places in our day. Others are watching and listening to our ministry journey. We must choose our actions and words wisely.

Each fractured soul has a story to tell. Remember, we all have "crazing" imperfections, some visible, many unseen. God is weaving, maybe just maybe God will use us to add spiritual value and beauty to a life.  And, maybe someone will do this for us!