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Just How Much


Just how much is 5k gallons of water, the amount used each month by the average Plainview home? As I sat through the Tuesday city council meeting, I could not visualize just how much that might be. Five thousand gallons is about 80 thousand cups or two concrete truck mixers full. Visualize 26 hot tubs or 119 bathtubs full or maybe the blood of 5000 humans. The good news is that the average family does not use the 660,000 gallons it takes to fill an Olympic size swimming pool, but in two months of use, 5000 x 2-ten thousand gallons would equal the size of The US Capitol Rotunda, which would hold about 9,800,000 gallons.

This is simply crazy to me. That's a lot of water that we use at the rate of between two and three dollars per thousand gallons...give or take. The more we use over a specific amount, the base rate, the more we pay, but still, it should make us think about the price versus the value. Water is valuable to us, we pay very little for it, and I ask myself do we take advantage of this resource through waste?


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