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On this day, twenty years ago, Plainview lost the best smile and the biggest heart. I was blessed to get to know Clay Warren when he served on the Junior Literacy Council of the Hale County Literacy Council. Everyone who knew him caught his "rays" of happiness.

He graduated, went off to college, and within five weeks, was with Jesus. A horrible accident that no parent should have to endure, but so many do. I don't think that I can express this day the same as his father does on his Facebook post:

"My heart is heavy today! 20 years ago today, I held my son Clay for the very last time. What a legacy Clay created for his life, even so short, and how simple he allowed his Mother and me to build on that legacy! I will never understand what happened that week, but know he went into the hands of God and has had total happiness since. Bad decisions and immaturity caused his death, and the system that allowed that bad decision by young men is to blame. Every year since his death, I have seen other parents and family members go through the pain, uncertainty, and hopelessness of the same bad decisions and immaturity that cause death on University campuses across the nation. It is an unbearable feeling and needs to be stopped. I will not stop asking for a change of tradition in student organizations, including Greek organizations, and totally, no more hazing! Some say this is part of life on campuses, but I say not true! Even the least harmful hazing leads to hazing that causes death.
Alumni, college administrators, parents, yes, parents, and fraternal organizations, wake up! This must stop!
May you rest, Clay, and understand your death, may if these individuals act responsibly, will save other young men and ladies' lives. I will always love you and do my part!
Clay Randall Warren
April 22, 1984-September 21, 2002
His parents, Freada and Mark Warren have worked tirelessly to make changes on university campuses to create a more safe and healthy Fraternal & Sorority life for students. Their goal is to educate to save lives so that other families may not experience such great loss. I am blessed to know Freada & Mark and consider them precious friends. Their Clay-rays shine bright as they extend the love of their son to future generations with hope!

The purpose of the Clay R. Warren policy is to allow Fraternity & Sorority Life staff the ability to work with organizations and student leaders to better understand risk management, areas of risk that apply to the organizations and/or its members, harm reduction, and current events surrounding the fraternal movement. This policy will ensure that the Texas Tech fraternity and sorority community receives education to develop a community of care. Moreover, this policy outlines expectations to ensure that Fraternity & Sorority Life and its organizations are a better partner to the Texas Tech University community.



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Clay was an organ donor. Another "ray" of sunshine he offered. Several years back we hosted an organ donor awareness and walk in honor of Clay. We hope you will sign up to be an organ donor. In loss, we can help prevent a loss for other families.



And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13



I do not own the rights to the lyrics or music of this piece, but aren't they beautiful ... just like Clay-ray!!!


Share Clay-rays wherever you go!!! Do unto others as you want to be done to you. Let's hold tight to this philosophy of living through goodness, compassion & hope as we make key decisions!