Who-da-thunk that a 6-disc CD changer not working would rock my world! We have lived in our home for over thirty years. There is nowhere that I enjoy traveling to more than this place. It is our resting place. It is a spiritual place, and the calm that is found overcomes the crazy of the world. The Holy Spirit is with us.

All those years ago, when James Robison put on paper structurally sound my vision of this place we call home, I knew that piped-in music would be essential to my sanity, specifically hymns, praise & worship music. Little did we realize thirty years ago that we would have Bluetooth devices and speakers that can play anywhere, anytime! It is not the same.

As part of my day-start, I click on an old-fashioned CD player that runs through an antiquated receiver for a day filled with uplifting music played through a very old speaker system. If I'm inside or outside, I get to enjoy worship time!

Until the CD player breaks and we are stuck with listening to several Christian radio stations through the system. Talk about grating on my last nerve. I'm not sure why I cannot find a calm, happy place with the radio music playing through the speakers, but I am so excited to have a different CD-player playing worship tunes for my soul once again.

It is the little things that make me happy, and I'm blessed that we found a new player in these days of uber-sophisticated technology!




So, between being able to listen to the music surrounding me, and God bringing sweet friends that share their sunflowers with me...I am truly a blessed being!