Waiting for the Rain

The Good


We hear a lot of bad about technology, but this morning it is all good.

I was checking my Facebook when a  of post Regina's @ the Ritzy Rascal popped up...

"There is a white dog running around on 5th street, last seen by PNC, with tar poured all over his back. I tried catching him for 30 min this morning. He let me feed him a sausage, but he would not let me touch him. If anyone catches him please don't hesitate to message me I will meet you at the Ritzy Rascal and get him cleaned up and I will work with him to rehome him. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"

I shared it on the Plainview page and did what I could. Then a while later, I glanced over at the security camera screens, and there was a dog on the porch. I thought that is the dog Regina mentioned. The dog had traveled from the 5th and Vernon area to our casa.

Our neighbor, Beverly, already had eyes on the dog. She has dogs and a heart of gold! We got the dog a drink, and then it laid out on the porch where it was cool. I then ran in and posted to Regina the dog's location. I called them, too. Help was on the way, except the dog was done with our neighborhood. Between Beverly & myself, we got it between our two cars in an alley while another neighbor got a leash, and their kids loved on this tired but precious dog.

Beverly's vehicle was closer, and the dog was glad to be in a cool car, air-conditioned! The dog was taken to the groomer to get cleaned up. I'm sure someone is missing the dog, She is so sweet. But, please, please, get your pet chipped and a tag on a collar so we can get fur babies home to their owners.

So, without Facebook, security cameras, and the caring people of Plainview who take time to post, this dog would most likely still be on the run...or dead.