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Day Trip


It looks like my day trip location will need to be rerouted. For quite some time, when I want to "get away," I have found myself driving to the Briscoe Marketplace in Silverton, Texas. I typically pick up something I claimed from Deb's photos on her Facebook page. It is a beautiful and peace-filled drive. It is good GOD time. 

Deb and Poke are moving to Oklahoma to be nearer to family. Poke battles cancer, and God gives him one day and then another; for that, we are thankful! I am so excited for them but sad for me. I made my last trip this week and picked up a few things. I mostly wanted to hug Deb's neck and tell her thank you for my cherished pieces and her sweet friendship. God richly blessed my life through this beautiful couple. I sincerely wish them wonderful days filled with joy & laughter. They make me smile!!!





I have never seen anyone I knew on my day trip, but I ran into Kim and John Horne on this trip! What a pleasant surprise!!! Sweet times!!!



Briscoe Marketplace is having their closing sale for another week or so. Stop in and find yourself something special!