In the Evening
A Day-Life of Blessings!

What I heard


God always amazes me with his Holy Spirit words. We walk and talk throughout the day. God's wonderful gift is that our worship is individually prepared for our hearts. The following is what I heard in worship. Share what you heard.


Ephesians 3.16 ... be strengthened by his Spirit - not brute strength but a glorious inner strength. Ohhh, this is Power, people!

We sing 'every praise,' yet there are these worldly expectations ... God, move the mountains!

Yes, He IS!

To hail Him is to hurl ourselves into His presence with urgency!!!

The One, Great I Am, ever in joyful song!


Blessed be the Name of the Lord

    God exalted Him

        Our Defender

            The Author of Salvation

                The worker of revelation

                    Jesus, Alpha & Omega

                        The Lion AND the Lamb

                            Rock of ALL ages

                                Creator, Messiah

                                    The Great, I, Am!


Get out of your ordinary into God's extraordinary!!!

We are one in the Spirit we are one in the Lord. Dissolve our differences; dilute our soul's hatred with Living Water.

Every sound is intentional; at age six, he called me to seek His Kingdom first.

Our obstacles are simply communion opportunities!

Humans have limits, God is eternal.

Father God, allow me the comprehension of your heart message.

God guides, but we must participate for the Christian life to work.

Become a prayer pole vaulter, disciplined to new heights.

How far away is your lifesaver, or are you wearing it?

Make my heart transparent to absorb your goodness and with eyes to see others before me.

We may have nothing else at our disposal but prayer; freedom found there.

Unmet needs are a soul infection when we don't trust God to answer.

God's plans are always good and way more complete than anything we can imagine; he is Greater.