A Day-Life of Blessings!
Today's Specials

The Anchor Holds




The anchor holds in spite of the storm. Very, very few know about the storms of my life. My ship is battered. My life has been dependent on trusting God to answer my prayers. I've watched things that I imagined for my life slip away. I know many of you are in the same boat. 

In faith living, I've discovered true peace and freedom on the stormy seas. I've been on my knees more days than not, and most days, I've been carried by my God who has mended my brokenness; he has been my guide and, most importantly, my life Savior! I'm blessed.

I choose joy. I choose Jesus. He has never failed me yet.


This song, it speaks to me. 



I do not own the right to the words or music, but God speaks to me through it. I pray he does you, too!