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Is This You?


I enjoyed listening to other pro-aging adults share their stories on a late-term diagnosis of Autism/Asperger's Syndrome.


I was 58 when we flew to Boston, Massachusetts, for my final documentation. If you have met one with Asperger's, you have met one with Asperger's. We are truly unique evidence of God's brilliant plan. Not knowing why or understanding the exceptionality never squelched my desire to live fully. It may have hindered me in a few ways, but overall, A=A has provided me with so much more! My journey to the unveiling has been a spiritual journey. 

Is this you? Do you relate to those in the linked video, reach out! Discovery is the first step to understanding.



6 years, 9 months


I was not aware of Jesus for six years and nine months, but I understand now that he knitted me in my mother's womb and was within my spirit until I recognized His call of Grace at age six.

God is the Master of order. As God, he chose to set things in place in a most intricate way, all for His glory.

The Order of the House of God would be an excellent topic for a book, especially for those who understand that order is Godliness. When our ducks are in a row, we find the freedom to see how everything works together to accomplish our ministry. To know God is to know peace and understand the order of the plan for our being; to be prepared.

God makes known when God is ready to make known. Making known is not flying around the universe with other popular sayings to be grabbed and given; God KNOWS and reveals. 

At the age of six, I stood for the invitation time in our church. I sat in the middle section about 2/3 of the way back with my mother and father. God revealed himself to me and offered me salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ at that moment. I remember the call vividly on my heart to scared as I was, I did step out in faith. I don't remember anything after sharing with the preacher on that Sunday sixty years ago! I do, though, remember wearing a white robe to be Baptized as a witness to others that I trusted Jesus to oversee and guide my life.

Wherever we begin our walk with Jesus Christ, we are like seeds that must be planted, watered, and filled with Sonshine to bloom. As we grow and rebloom season after season, we become God's seed planters. He uses us in simple and complex ways.





















This Hope, to me, is freedom; Christ is gain.