Sweet Millie
Day Trip

God Works


Today was my day to deliver Meals on Wheels. I love my route, and I'm praising God for the good favor he shows my friend whose place I am taking while she recovers.

Last evening I asked God to let it rain while I delivered Meals on Wheels today. It sprinkled when I went to Covenant Health Plainview to pick up my route deliveries. I must admit that I was sad it did not rain, rain, but I thought, He does hear our prayers, and there was an answered prayer in those drops!

On the route, the first stop provides a most precious blessing to me. It takes her a little bit to get to the door to unlock it (I'm so thankful she keeps it locked), and once she moves her walker and sits on the edge of the sofa, I take her meal in and place it on her table. We visit. She often has Catholic TV on, and we talk about that. I usually ask her if she is having a good day, and she smiles and says, "Yes." Today, she added, "It is a very good day. I am 82; it's my birthday." I sang Happy Birthday to her. We hugged, and I asked her if she was allowed to eat fresh tomatoes. Her eyes lit up, and she said, "Fresh?" I smiled and handed her one for her birthday. She took it and held it, and I'm just gonna tell you...I'm the one that felt like I had gotten the very best gift of all, her smile. I love how God works!

Everyone on the route I deliver to is so unique and special. Every smile, conversation, and hand exchange of a meal connects.

I have been thinking recently about my passion; what is it? I believe the best way to define it is that I have a desire within my heart to connect with people on a level that allows me to link them to others who will benefit from their passion. It is like God places people in my life and then uses me to get them involved in a specific place.  100% of the time, these people bless me. They are encouragers!

I saw sunflowers while I delivered, too!

The sunflower is an encourager, correct? Don't you just feel better around sunflowers? Sunflowers follow the sun, east to west, to capture as much sun as they can. Then, finally, they rest east, almost prayer-like, ready for another day. As they mature, they will mostly face the east, awaiting the day's first sun. All this sun makes them warm, and warm attracts pollinators. Then, as they run their life's course, the seeds they drop continue the sunflower generations!

From the east to the west, we must capture the Son and bow our heads in a prayer of praise, thanksgiving, and intercession, ready for a new day of sharing the attributes of Christ. I believe that God blesses hearts warmed by the Son. As we age, we know that the seeds planted will be pollinated by the Son, and new life will bloom!








God works!