Oldest & Youngest



You all know that I am not all about Christmas holiday decor. We don't own a Christmas tree, and we have minimal decorations to place out. But I'm not against it at all. I love the Season of the Soul Saver; I just prefer to celebrate Him in a way that is not stressful or distracting for us. It is okay, and we get to make that decision. Decorations are lovely & I certainly enjoy the festive feelings they bring when I see them, but it does not matter to God if we decorate or not. So, we don't. 

With this said, I attended a whimsical wreath-making class this evening at J Cruse Santa's Mercantile & More. Jackie & Ranada are two of my dear friends that I love bunches. I enjoy creating with them. The ladies who attended were so much fun.

Here is tonight's group with our Christmas wreaths. Mine is a gift for someone. I hope they like it.