June 4, 1907
Blessing in Walmart



I've never been good at instant recall. I will almost always be able to pull things up but not on the spot. I know people think I'm losing my mind when I tell a story and can't remember the names or places. This isn't anything new. I've dealt with this phenomenon my whole life.

Testing was always hard for me, especially timed testing. In most instances, being put on the spot to give needed information instantaneously shuts me down. When I was in school, and we took timed tests where you penciled in the circles, I would just create a cool pattern and hope I "passed" with whatever it was I needed. I never heard anything about how I did on any timed test. I always made it to the next grade, but in today's world, I'm confident I would not.

Times were simpler in the sixties and early seventies. I knew my stuff; I learned by absorption. Tests with fewer questions wth specific answers, not true/false, were what I did the best on. Semester tests were a little more difficult. Because I am wired differently, essay questions frightened me because I entered into learning and recall through the "back door," and my answer would not cover the topicquestion the same as other students.

My point is that a significant percentage of unique learners and neuro-divergent are required to take tests to prove what they learned that are not presented in a style that allows for success. What a challenge these students, teachers, and staff have. On the flip-side, I want to say how impressed I am that there is so much help for these students in today's schools that makes sure that they are learning what needs to be learned. Thank you to those who take the time to see a student's struggle and help them find their way. You do change lives!!!

I realized that I had an army working for me. Grateful!!!