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Happy Fathers Day


Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12

As I think about the Father who has had the most significant impact on my life, my heart and mind go to God, the Father of all creation, the one who designed me, created me in the womb and has delivered me from sin through the blood of the cross and the resurrection of His son, Jesus Christ, who is Love.

Because of this grand plan, I have the Holy Spirit with me to guide me. God never leaves me, nor does He forsake me. He is a good, good Father.

I've never seen my Father in a photo, but I see him in His creation and miracles. Through Salvation, I will one day live with Him in eternity. So today, once again, I praise his Holy Name.


God's Face 2011




Where are the lines for the Care Bears? I remember waiting in line at the old Walmart for the doors to open to get a few of our kid's gifts through the years. One was a particular Care Bear. I don't remember which one. I saw these today at Walmart Plainview and wondered where the long line is to grab one? I'm thankful that I am not the one waiting in those lines or on the phone for hours to get band tickets! Times have changed!





You all know that I am not all about Christmas holiday decor. We don't own a Christmas tree, and we have minimal decorations to place out. But I'm not against it at all. I love the Season of the Soul Saver; I just prefer to celebrate Him in a way that is not stressful or distracting for us. It is okay, and we get to make that decision. Decorations are lovely & I certainly enjoy the festive feelings they bring when I see them, but it does not matter to God if we decorate or not. So, we don't. 

With this said, I attended a whimsical wreath-making class this evening at J Cruse Santa's Mercantile & More. Jackie & Ranada are two of my dear friends that I love bunches. I enjoy creating with them. The ladies who attended were so much fun.

Here is tonight's group with our Christmas wreaths. Mine is a gift for someone. I hope they like it.






It is almost Friday. It has been a busy week. I actually volunteered for FBC.PLV.VBS. I'm not sure if you call me helping the ones who did all of the work for the hospitality room volunteering, but it was delightful.

The children are precious in His sight and made me smile. So many workers to pull off such a fun week learning about Jesus. I know God was in the blessing!

I did not take one picture of VBS. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I've been working on a family reunion that will happen this weekend. I'm pooped!

Today, as I was running errands, I took this picture which makes me happy. God created beyond what we can fathom; a sampling...



24th Street . Plainview . Texas

Blessing in Walmart


We can receive blessings anywhere. Today, mine was at Walmart. I had a cart full of heavy items for a family reunion and was trekking from the grocery side to the garden center area. I paused to get the wheels on the cart to not run into something, and as I took a deep breath, I stopped and looked to my right. God blessed me with a sweet, sweet picture that I felt a strong nudge to take. I snapped the photo and then went over and asked if I could share the image on my blog. English was not the primary language of this family. I spoke to the young man and then his precious mom. They asked the grandfather if it was okay to post his picture, and he agreed. More than taking the picture, I was blessed to interact with this generational group. The photo does not show their faces, but it hugely shows their heart. 




Love is the best gift that one generation can give another. Richard Garnett