Steadfast Love

June 4, 1907


Hugh Robert Etter 1 and half years olde


On June 4, 1907, a baby boy was born in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA. On Christmas Day 1908, this boy and his older brother Bertram lost their mother; she was only 25 years old. Their life was hard. Through his turbulent youth and young man years, he fought alcoholism. He ended up in Plainview, Texas, and married his sweetheart, Lucy May, and they had my mother, Lorena. He became sober and helped many alcoholics in the Plainview area get sober and keep their families intact. He had a hand in wiring most all of historic Plainview; he was an electrician and owned his own business, Hugh R. Etter Electric. He was instrumental in starting the Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon programs here. He loved to hunt and lost his fingers and legs below the knees in a hunting accident in a blizzard; alcohol had played a part. I never saw it get him down, even though he must have owned stock in the Mercurochrome (Monkey's Blood) company because he used plenty in his life. I probably learned more from him than anyone else in my family. I am an Etter more than a Dayton. Of course, I never knew either of my dad's parents, so...

Bo, as we called him, was my life mentor.

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011 (16)e



Happy heavenly birthday to Bo!