Blessing in Walmart


We can receive blessings anywhere. Today, mine was at Walmart. I had a cart full of heavy items for a family reunion and was trekking from the grocery side to the garden center area. I paused to get the wheels on the cart to not run into something, and as I took a deep breath, I stopped and looked to my right. God blessed me with a sweet, sweet picture that I felt a strong nudge to take. I snapped the photo and then went over and asked if I could share the image on my blog. English was not the primary language of this family. I spoke to the young man and then his precious mom. They asked the grandfather if it was okay to post his picture, and he agreed. More than taking the picture, I was blessed to interact with this generational group. The photo does not show their faces, but it hugely shows their heart. 




Love is the best gift that one generation can give another. Richard Garnett