Steadfast Love

Black & White


I am a black and white person. Right or wrong. Good or evil. Literal is described as taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory.

I certainly am not saying that a person who thinks this way is perfect. However, I will say that understanding others with this mindset is much more difficult. 

This confuses me.


This does not.

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I understand that tangible things are not just black and white. People are not just black and white. People are as diverse in color as the rainbow.

So when it comes to my "code of ethics," Jesus provides my guiding set of principles intended to instruct me on how to act in with honesty, kindness, and service that is beneficial to all of the stakeholders that God has placed in my life.

Being wired with Aspergers is such a blessing, and I am so thankful for God's desire to create me for His purpose; it is such fun to unwrap this late in life understanding of how I am designed.