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Then to Now

The Reason


My dad is the reason I decided to seek out my wiring difference. My father was an introvert for sure. He was not a talker. He was more of a loner. He was kind. He had a servant's heart. He was a great father to me. Although I don't recall there ever being a time that he hugged on me, he cared for me in every other way. I have often thought about how very sad it must have been for my parents that I had no understanding that I robbed them of a child's love. I just did not understand who I was or why I was different.

When my parents were at work which they were every day, Monday through Saturday, I would sometimes sit in my dad's chair and, by osmosis, feel him. You might think how sad to be so alone, but it was what I needed for survival. God knew it all along. Growing up, he provided for my every need. I had a wonderful family, neighborhood friends, and a church that brought me into His presence. My dad made sure that I was at church each Sunday. 


Her Daddy Always Said

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.

I guess because, in his eyes, she was his diamond mine.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.

Fifteen years without her brilliant jewel of a dad.

Has seen her struggle and be more than a tad sad.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.

Days go by now faster now than before.

Still, his memory knocks on her heart's door.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.

She listens to the quiet example he laid before her.

Yes ma’am. No ma’am. Yes sir, and no sir.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.

Without him to polish her stones, she often felt alone.

Finding peace through the Hotline to Heaven phone.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.

Old as she was, she knew the truth about things.

For her, daddy gave his all to give her wings.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.

Using her wings, the bells of heaven chime.

Her daddy’s words remind her each time.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.

Reunion time is sooner than not; again, they meet.

One day, daddy and daughter together at the Savior’s feet.

Get your Bible, and let’s go.



I began the search for my wiring difference after my father died in 1995 because I wanted to understand him better and felt he was the reason for my wiring differences. God did not reveal my Aspergers to me until 2014 after my mother passed away 2013. Thus began a whole new veil removed understanding of myself. God has been faithful. I started my journey with two God-loving parents. Today is my dad's birthday.

Happy 99th birthday. I hear you assuring me.


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John Dayton (3)e

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