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While at the Memorial Day event at the cemetery on Monday, I saw my friend Reid's picture on his headstone.




And I love these words because they are very true.


Remembering Reid who chose to be used by God to encourage!!!




Memorial Day


Regardless of what direction the wind blows, we stand strong as Americans as we honor Memorial Day in memory of those who served to protect Her; Land of the free, home of the brave!

Thank you for your sacrifice!!!




Pay everyone whatever you owe them. If you owe taxes, pay them. If you owe tolls, pay them. If you owe someone respect, respect that person. If you owe someone honor, honor that person. Romans 13:7


John Dayton

003 (6)ee


TC Wall
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I Can Do Hard Things


"I can do hard things." As I think about what I heard in worship, I am reminded that Jesus served, and it is intended for me to serve as his where I am if, in fact, I believe, trust and obey. And I do.

Serving others, humbling ourselves, taking a backseat to popular opinion, listening, seeing, hearing, and then acting through the Holy Spirit's a hard thing. For humans doing hard things seem impossible, but with God, it is possible.

He reaches out in service, care, kindness, acceptance & love...



The Trinity, Father, Son & Holy Spirit...



He is the beginning and the end. He is!


The most important way Jesus cares for us is by offering the Way to God & Eternal Life; He is our Hope!


Salvation Steps




Today I was watering the side flower bed area, and this dragonfly stopped by for a visit. I did not have a camera. I thought it would be gone if I stopped & to go get a camera. I then thought if God wanted me to see it and take a photo, it would still be here. I got the camera.

At my mother's graveside service, a beautiful swarm of this coloring of dragonflies stopped to share God's beauty as a reminder that death is Life Eternal for us who believe in Jesus Christ. Thank you, God, for the sweet visitor today.










I have difficulty understanding people. Where neuro folks are pre-wired to socialize, being neurodivergent, I am not. I enjoy solitude. It is being alone, not being lonely. I love deeply those who I feel accept me with all my differences. 

A few things about one having Asperger's. More boys are diagnosed than girls; girls are better at masking. This means that many women live with Asperger's and do not know it. Girls model/mirror others; we fake it till we make it mindset. We move with intellect, not intuition. We camouflage. We are fiction readers because we learn from the social situations found there. For the same reason, many watch soap operas to learn socialization skills, inner thoughts, and feelings. Doll play tends to allow one with Asperger's to play out what they have learned or experienced. We apologize more than we may need to (at least inwardly) and desire to appease. 

Many children are "angels" at school/work and not so much when they get home because everything is compressed. We must have time to decompress; release. It is very tiring.

We learn early on that if you are good that you are left alone. 

We will be hyper-attentive to a particular interest. We are expert mimics that others won't detect. We fill our minds with thoughts that others may not like the real us or understand our quirks. This takes energy.

We have difficulty explaining our inner feelings. We pretend to be what we perceive as expected (you are our examples, how are you doing at that?). Many deal with depression.

We worry, have phobias, high anxiety, and catastrophic emotions. We have an extra sense that allows us to read between what one says and how they truly feel.

Anything added to the skin creates claustrophobia, and smells are sensed way before others recognize them and become overwhelming.

We recover in solitude; we love the company of an empty room.

We are hyperfocused on a particular interest, then we are bored, and we start over.

We watch the mouth of those speaking to us to read their expression to interpret their emotions. Our eyes may not be able to meet another's eyes as we gather our thoughts in conversation. 

We like clothing that doesn't restrict, and determining what to wear each day can be a high stressor.

If you have met one with Asperger's, you have met one with Asperger's. We are all created differently, and our wiring of exceptionality is unique to us.

The hope I have is in Jesus Christ. He saved me when I was six. He has walked with me through salvation since that day. He wired me, and I am thankful for each day he brings me through. He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way.

Here is a list of my traits...

Phyllis - A Traits

These traits are things that might slip into any given time in my life. An Aspie spends countless mental time masking these, so others don't see the reality, and you can imagine how tired and frustrated they might be, especially if they don't understand their wiring. Give Grace.


Doesn't Get It


Google just doesn't get it. I typed in TC Wall, and they can't get past their belief that I'm really looking for TV Wall. No matter how I rephrased it, I got images of wall-mounted TV devices. 

Today is the 2nd anniversary of TC's heavenly entry. I still see his wonderful smile for me; his love and determination to connect to me, my heart, and life will never be forgotten. Love you, TC!!!

He got it!!!

TC 2017




Yay, the berm has grass growing. I have been working on getting this berm together since the end of last summer. I hauled dirt in and packed it, and hauled dirt in again. I let it sit through the winter. This spring, I planted grass seed, and it is finally beginning to grow. #feelingaccomplished. LOL






We are always proud of our grand sisters' achievements. Each one has such unique gifts, interests, and abilities. They are all loved very much.

This evening our oldest sister was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Such an exciting time!




This sister finished up elementary school with her last field day...






I loved watching the youth choir this morning in worship. The youth choir at First Baptist played a significant role in my faith ministry. I was never in any of the pictures taken, but I was there and am blessed by the experience. The youth choir is important to growing spiritually for those who sing, some better than others; it is still a joy to our Maker's ear.