Happy (ball catch) Anniversary Clinton




A real blogger has something they are good at or passionate about that others are interested in and can learn from. I simply do not fall into this category. I often find myself at a loss about what I might write about that anyone would want to read. In these times, I just don't write a blog. I sometimes think that I will stop writing, and God sends someone to affirm that someone needs what it is I do. I've always said that if one is interested, do it for that one. All I know to do in my life is put things out there that might bring joy or help someone in some small way and trust that God is at work blessing others through what I feel called to do.

Pray for my creative thoughts to flow. It is tough to write when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel because you aren't filled with expertise in any specific area...it is tough to write. I could just make something up, but I'm not a good storyteller either. So, I'll leave you with this thought that God has placed on my heart. "We should leave worship with questions and a desire to hurry home to study his Word more!"

The moon. Wow.