Stained Glass



Organization is what my passion is. To organize brings me great satisfaction. Today, it was my workbench "play" area. There is so much in this area that brings forward sweet memories of my childhood, my parents, grandparents, my husband, kids, friends, including Ukraine friends, etc. 

The trashcan was my grandmother's. I've mentioned the stool being my grandfather's. His Evenrude dealership plaque is here, as is a framed calendar from his office. The pink feather duster belonged to my mom, and the craftsman screwdrivers belonged to my dad. The little oval display table came from Gabriel's when they closed. The framed card of Ukrainian eggs from our interpreter when I visited. I could go on and on about what each item means to me. I really do use the tools we have. I work quite often in this area. A fun way to spend an afternoon inside on a horrible-terrible, no good windy day outside!