It Isn't


Expecting God's miracles ...

In my life, I have needed miracles over and over again. Every prayer we pray has value to God. One thing that I learned years ago is that God does answer prayer. Yes, He still performs miracles! I will say that God has never responded to my prayer for a miracle on my timeline; always his. Twenty years in a valley is not the overnight fix that I thought I needed, but the prayer was answered. Everything fell into place precisely needed here for His miracle to be laid out before me. Over and over again, God has responded to my little prayers, and my huge miracle-sized prayers. Again, not according to my timeline or how I think it needs to go, but always His and better!

We must trust that God has our best interest at heart all the time. We must also believe that God is good all of the time. God's goodness is not established, nor does it change, based on how God chooses to answer our prayer for a miracle. God's goodness is forever sealed by what Jesus did on the cross.


So, when we need a miracle...





It is in the waiting that Satan begins to attack us. In our brokenness, we are most vulnerable. Stay in close fellowship with God, in Word, praise, and always have a thankful heart. In our deepest valley is the very time that the peace of God is unveiled to us. Be teachable. Breathe.


PEACE to you!