It Isn't


I discovered a long time ago that this life isn't the Phyllis show. This life is not about me. It is about how God can use his child in mighty (to me) ways. I love connecting people to their passion. Along this connectivity path, I pray that others see Jesus in me.

God blesses me with wonderful ministry opportunities, and I'm always excited to see Him at work in someone's life and mine. I wake up each day, stumble out of bed like a Tin(wo)man, and God lubricates my joints (and my soul) as I move into the day he has for me. If someone were to ask me what I enjoy doing the most in this life, I would say that I love to make life a little easier for those that God places in my day. If I can do this every day for the rest of my days ... I will be most blessed.

We must look for ways to make a better day for someone else. How we look at any given situation is a matter of perspective. It is hard to read others when we can't see their heart. God sees, and he lifts the veil for us to serve those who need his love. Be ready.

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Joseph Edward Garnett ... It depends on how we look at it!