Since I discovered my Asperger's wiring eight years ago, I have wanted to get my high school transcript to see how I could have possibly graduated. The thought of asking someone at PISD to look it up, print it off, and have me come pick it up was one of the biggest hurdles; to put myself out there left me highly vulnerable, but this morning I did it. I've been crying off and on all day. The PISD employee was so kind and gave me a big hug. Goodness, what a sweet gift.

They had my elementary, middle school, and high school transcripts. In elementary, I was a B-C student. There were a few A's scattered in there. In the portion where it records Personal Rating scores, with one being outstanding, two being good, and three needs improvement, I scored ones in originality, twos, and threes in study habits, twos with cooperation, ones for personal care, and threes for responsibility. I wonder why organizational skill was not listed? I would have all ones there for sure. 

There are Standard Test and Texas Battery scores that I have zero clue what they mean. Therefore, I will need to find an interpreter.

It was great to see who my teachers were; I could not remember them all.

Now, onto my high school transcript. We had standardized tests but graduating was nothing like the standards of graduation for today's students. I do not test well. I do not do well if I am put on the spot. So, I always have wondered how I got out of school. 

There is not much listed, although enough to know I went to school. My overall grade average was a high C, and I was in the middle of my graduating class. So I thought I might have been last.

The deal is, I am smart; I just learn differently. In the late sixties early seventies, school districts did not know what to do with high-level autism. Autism was not even a thing until the early nineties. I am so thankful for the teachers who somehow directed me through an educational maze that none of us understood. Through this encouragement, I am successful in so many areas. But, of course, God has had my back at every turn, and I've placed total trust in His plan.

I love my dad's signature being on the transcript; my favorite part of getting to look at them!