Together Again




I’m sitting in the tower between my eyes

Looking out onto the world completely dry

Empty faces trying to survive

A shift of 24 hours, five to five

Rushing past the hope of the day

Keeping Jesus Christ at bay

In their pocket, on the phone

Just hit the Jesus ringtone

He will answer the call

Not annoyed at all

What we are missing is tragic

The love of Jesus is magic

We can’t comprehend this love he gives

So we ignore anything that lets us live

So deep within the water split for us to cross

We choose to drown by the worldly boss

When it is so simple to follow and see

We can’t let our life be truly free

Hanging on trying to control

With nets torn, hearts cracked, we roll

Until we can’t, days lost

At what cost

His on the cross

Ours, we haphazardly toss

It’s not too late to stop; step off

On the right foot, he said follow

Open up, don’t be hollow

I will use your brokenness

Clean up and shine your mess

Together again

It is my plan