The Most Scared




The most scared I think I have ever been was while we lived in Lubbock, Texas, for Clinton's last two years finishing his finance degree at Texas Tech. We lived in an apartment right off of University across from Tech. There was a 7-11 one-half block from our apartment. To get there, I had to walk across a parking alley-type lot.

I needed something for dinner, so I decided to walk over and get it. I paid for my purchase and felt someone looking at me. I stepped back and saw a guy/man staring. I walked out of the store heading back to the apartment. As I walked, my radar went crazy. As I walked faster, this person walked faster. Right as I reached the street, as I stepped off of the curb, his hand was on my shoulder. I lept across the street in my slick, leather-soled, but cute Bernardo sandals. I landed at the curb on the other side. He stared at me as I ran to the door, banging to get in. I did not take a key. Clinton was getting out of the shower but finally answered. The man was still standing at the curb, watching.

I never went to that store again.

What is your scariest moment?