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Spiritual Apathy


My thought today...

I think so many Christ-followers find themselves questioning their salvation-faith because they are tired of trying to follow what this or that person, church, report, etc., is offering; the agenda. So, instead of pouring the Living Water over their parched spiritual dryness, they allow the devil to interject his philosophy of blame.

Spiritual apathy is often described as being sloth-like, focused on moving so slowly that you never get to the joy of grace receiving and giving, fully embracing the gift of Salvation.

Our inherent nature is to long to know and understand a higher being. Our spirituality can be defined as our relationship with the God of the universe. God is the common thread. Spirituality is the process of a faith relationship with the Alpha and Omega. Maybe in our spiritual apathy, we need to rediscover and fall back in love with how we connect with him and achieve a renewed spirit through seeking his face.

Maybe you feel you have reached a plateau of sorts through your excellent Biblical knowledge, and you yearn for something purer in your God-child relationship. Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe alive within you.

Here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

  1. Choose to embark on a journey of spiritual renewal. Choose to become proactive in the faith walk. That's action, not slothing.
  2. Schedule time for yourself to spend communing with God, in prayer, and the study of his Word. Commit to it and remind yourselves that time is not ours to control. It is a gift given to be used according to his will for our lives. Make the unveiling of his Word a sacred time each day.
  3. Leave space for the magic. God is the magic-maker. He will open up our hearts in a way that will be more magical than Disney, and that is pretty magical.
  4. Be quiet. Listen. Give God time to talk back, to answer, to guide.
  5. Retreat away from the distractions of the world. Satan uses busyness to keep us from our relationship with our Father.
  6. Serve others. Be the hands and feet of Christ. You can't feel it? Simply smile and say hello to every person God places in your day. They are there for a spiritual hug. Give-grace.
  7. Each week make time to experience the artist's pallette through nature. Take a walk, enjoy a sunset, watch the birds, embrace the wind. God orchestrates everything that surrounds us.
  8. Our morning ritual sets the tone of the day. Oh, there will be tests for sure but how we handle them is reflected on our growth chart.
  9. Fellowship and worship with those who bring you joy, a joy that you carry in your pocket all week long, the joy you share because God is so good!
  10. When we read God's Word, expect him to unveil a new truth to us. If this does not excite you, well, it will, trust me!
  11. We must do our best to put healthy into the body of Christ, our body, and the body of Believers.
  12. Enjoy the new opportunities that will open up to us in this new way of living!

Be filled with gratitude and thanksgiving even when your sloth eyes can't focus. There is nothing so wrong that we can't be thankful for something good.



"But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays." Malachi 4:2a


When I read this verse from Genesis today, I was delighted to think about how we truly are separated as the Children of Light from the darkness of the world. Stay strong!

"God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness." Genesis 1:4