The Most Scared



I got a memo on my phone that says I'm down 34% on phone usage from the previous week. I had used my phone for one hour a day on average. I went to the doctor this week. I'm down ten pounds. The muscles in my body that I don't typically use are screaming, and my back issue is, well, very much making itself known. I think that I may be too old to deep clean our home. Good thing that this is not my career choice, although I do love an organized and clean home!!! I will say that this is proof that working hard has mostly great results!

I have a few areas remaining to be cleaned. I hope to tackle them this week, one area a day, but my days have some business to tend to, as well, so we will see how it goes.

My mother made it through her house once a year, meaning it took her a year to deep clean, and then she started over. She left her dust rag wherever she stopped, then picked it back up there. She worked full-time, and I know she was exhausted. Then, she had me to take care of, too! She taught me many valuable lessons, one being the Golden Rule found in Matthew 7:12. One of my favorite Bible bookmarks serves as a reminder.