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As you know, I have been deep cleaning. Then I chased into a rabbit hole that led me to the family history "vault." I found what I needed and a couple of treasures, to me, from the Wall family.

The 'Wall Girls' is how the photo is labeled. 

El Wanda, Geneva, and Janie. I am blessed. When I think of them, I think 'smiles' because they brought joy.





Then, there was this sweet photo of Nellie Mae Robison and Robert Ross Glasgow with their twins, Gale and Dale. Gale passed away recently. We stayed in touch and I enjoyed her presence in my life. I was with Ross and Nellie a very few times when Clinton and I were dating. They passed in 1975. I remember the love I felt from them.



Together Again




I’m sitting in the tower between my eyes

Looking out onto the world completely dry

Empty faces trying to survive

A shift of 24 hours, five to five

Rushing past the hope of the day

Keeping Jesus Christ at bay

In their pocket, on the phone

Just hit the Jesus ringtone

He will answer the call

Not annoyed at all

What we are missing is tragic

The love of Jesus is magic

We can’t comprehend this love he gives

So we ignore anything that lets us live

So deep within the water split for us to cross

We choose to drown by the worldly boss

When it is so simple to follow and see

We can’t let our life be truly free

Hanging on trying to control

With nets torn, hearts cracked, we roll

Until we can’t, days lost

At what cost

His on the cross

Ours, we haphazardly toss

It’s not too late to stop; step off

On the right foot, he said follow

Open up, don’t be hollow

I will use your brokenness

Clean up and shine your mess

Together again

It is my plan








While cleaning, I stopped and looked through this book that belonged to my grandmother, Lucy May Hopkins [Etter]. With a 1908 Copyright, the New American Encyclopedia of Social and Commercial Information is packed full of useful lessons! 

I never knew my grandmother to write anything, but it seems she had grammar and writing interests. I love that we both enjoy similar topics.



The Most Scared




The most scared I think I have ever been was while we lived in Lubbock, Texas, for Clinton's last two years finishing his finance degree at Texas Tech. We lived in an apartment right off of University across from Tech. There was a 7-11 one-half block from our apartment. To get there, I had to walk across a parking alley-type lot.

I needed something for dinner, so I decided to walk over and get it. I paid for my purchase and felt someone looking at me. I stepped back and saw a guy/man staring. I walked out of the store heading back to the apartment. As I walked, my radar went crazy. As I walked faster, this person walked faster. Right as I reached the street, as I stepped off of the curb, his hand was on my shoulder. I lept across the street in my slick, leather-soled, but cute Bernardo sandals. I landed at the curb on the other side. He stared at me as I ran to the door, banging to get in. I did not take a key. Clinton was getting out of the shower but finally answered. The man was still standing at the curb, watching.

I never went to that store again.

What is your scariest moment?




I got a memo on my phone that says I'm down 34% on phone usage from the previous week. I had used my phone for one hour a day on average. I went to the doctor this week. I'm down ten pounds. The muscles in my body that I don't typically use are screaming, and my back issue is, well, very much making itself known. I think that I may be too old to deep clean our home. Good thing that this is not my career choice, although I do love an organized and clean home!!! I will say that this is proof that working hard has mostly great results!

I have a few areas remaining to be cleaned. I hope to tackle them this week, one area a day, but my days have some business to tend to, as well, so we will see how it goes.

My mother made it through her house once a year, meaning it took her a year to deep clean, and then she started over. She left her dust rag wherever she stopped, then picked it back up there. She worked full-time, and I know she was exhausted. Then, she had me to take care of, too! She taught me many valuable lessons, one being the Golden Rule found in Matthew 7:12. One of my favorite Bible bookmarks serves as a reminder.






Years ago, we commissioned this portrait of Clinton's parents, Peggy and TC Wall. It is my very favorite picture of them. It is my favorite because both of their genuinely kind spirits shine through. Happy heavenly 68th Anniversary!




Tiny Camera Gift


A precious longtime friend gifted me this precious tiny camera. Her family purchased it at a sale years & years ago. She was purging and thought of me because I take pictures. I love that it belonged to a Plainview friend's family, too. Thank you, beautiful GDH.

It has tiny film rolls that you mailed in with one of the pieces of the long paper; best processed by 1968!

Little Camera