Over Fifty Years
This Guy

It's Time


It's time. I must dust the casa before I can allow myself even to consider treating myself. Our home doesn't get dusty quickly, which is a good thing. I deep clean, top to bottom, once a year and maintain the rest of the year. It is time. I have the cleaning products, and I started today. I do one area per day. There are twenty areas, so it takes twenty days. Depending on my schedule, they may or may not be in a row. Today is the dining area.




Things are being removed so that this beautifully gifted hutch (from my Cranny for the Fostoria Americana she gave me for my 16th birthday) can get an oil refresher. Everything is taken out, cleaned, and put back in. The dining set you can't see sitting in front of the hutch isn't much of a dining set. It is actually four chairs and a drop-down leaves table that was my grandparents, Cranny and Bo's, first dining set. It is over one hundred years old; simply beautiful to my heart. So, this little area is complete. I always start here. The kitchen is next. Pray for my old body to keep up.