Be Still
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I have finished deep cleaning our home. There were days my whole body burned. It was a great workout. So I can say I did, and I'm done, with both cleaning and exercise that creates burn.

It is actually enjoyable to clean items and reminisce. Things that were given so generously by sweet friends, I say a little prayer for. The family items I thank God for the family he placed me in. Then there are the many whimsical things that I enjoy, like bobblehead dolls. I have a small collection of presidential bobbleheads. Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush will be added to the group soon, and I'm still hunting the Dwight Eisenhower one to complete the presidents of my lifetime to date. Oh, and I had to place Hillary in the group because she was almost the first woman president. I hope to see a woman president in my time left here on this earth. It will be interesting to see who will be added to this little crazy, whimsical, bobblehead group in the future.