Seven Words

Stockings Were Hung




It is Christmas 1962; I am 7, and my brother is 14. These are the stockings my mother made for us. Notice the incredible detail and design of my brother's. I hope his family cherishes this stocking as much as I do in my memories. You notice my stocking is simple with minimal detailing to it. The difference is my mother's time when my brother was little and the time she had once I was born, and she was working full-time at the Dixie Shop. The truth is that my brother was the favorite, and I'm okay with this!!! The stockings were hung with no chimney in sight, and Santa never left us anything in our stockings! Maybe because we did not have a chimney, or perhaps I might have been "bad," but he never was. We did get gifts for Christmas, though!

A sweet picture of the Lorena & John Dayton kiddos!