The Beat Goes On
Be Real



I've never doubted that God wired me uniquely for the plan He has for my life and that it is good because God is good. When I think about how my thought processor works, I am reminded to be thankful for God's provision and guidance in every situation. It is the Season of thankfulness, and boy am I grateful. 

I'm thankful that I have Jesus who gets me through each day. Every day, I thank God for bringing me through another day successfully. But, it is the peace and joy that he allows me that keeps me balanced. He has taught me well.

I'm thankful for my family. I drive them cra-cra sometimes. Okay, maybe all of the time, but they are my greatest joys.

I'm thankful for each person that God places in my day. The realization that so much love has been awarded finds me in awe and keeps me smiling. You, my friend, are very important to me as I travel my earth journey.

I'm thankful for things like fresh water to drink, a really great steak, salsa and chips, hot water to soak in, toilet paper along with indoor plumbing, and books. 

I am thankful for a mode of transportation other than walking, especially for long distances.

I'm thankful for a washer and dryer, clean sheets, a warm in the winter and cool in the summer home.

I'm thankful for dirt, flowers, sunshine, and the sound of the birds on a warm afternoon.

I'm thankful for a place to worship and for the technological ability to worship from home, too. Yay, for computers, phones, and devices.

I'm thankful for the ability to wrap my mind around something and do things I'm not equipped to do, but God is...

So very good to me.


Standing on the Promises by Phyllise


I'm standing on the promises of God. Feeling blessed into giving. Thankful for the see-son of Hope!