It was a busy Saturday. I spent the morning cleaning out my closet. I take everything out, go through it, and put back in what I want to keep; I plan to wear it.

Then, we had lunch. After lunch, I purchased the candy we will need for Truck or Treat next Saturday at Regional Park. Truck or Treat is a fund-raiser for the Plainview Junior Service League. JSL's Dress-a-Live-Doll is a wonderful program that helps s many families give their kids Christmas.

I purchased six huge bags of soil to make a small berm where there used to be a small tree (I cut it down). It was so nice out today!

Then, everything came out of my better half's closet in preparation for us going through all of his things this evening.

We took our local grand-sisters with us to dinner. They are so fun!

Afterward, we got everything back into TCW's closet. It is always such a good feeling to be organized!!! Plus, someone who needs clothing will have a great selection.

I love hard work. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I am thankful that I have the health to do these things. The only bad thing is that I did not get out to take any pictures today. So it looks like a Sunday drive is in my future!!!