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How Does He Do That?


How does He do that? God, you know, the One who knows me best. He leads me beside still waters, and when I need encouragement, He provides it through His children. Prayer, words, sweet gifts, at the time I need to feel Him most. This morning a dear long-time friend dropped by pumpkin bread. The bread is fantastic, but that God placed me in her mind and heart means more than I can express. The bread came in this little bag...




Then, this afternoon I was waiting for an appointment, and my phone alerted me that someone was at our door. I look at my phone and I was so sad to miss getting to hug this out of Plainview, friend. When I got home, I found this...



Inside the tissue was this shirt...


Isn't it the cutest!!!


I am reminded of how much my Father loves me, the degree of which I cannot fathom. I pray that He uses me to encourage others like so many of you encourage me.

How does He do that? How does he know?  Just be ready when God says, "GO."